Navy Maeve Bracelet in Antique Gold


Why We Love It: The TOVA Navy Maeve Bracelet in Antique Gold is a fusion of regal elegance and contemporary design. The deep navy stones set against the antique gold create a striking contrast, making this bracelet a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

Need to Know:

  • Brand: TOVA
  • Lustrous antique gold-tone finish for a vintage touch
  • Navy gemstones for a rich pop of color
  • Easy-to-fasten clasp for secure wear
  • Durable construction meant to last

How We Are Styling It: This bracelet shines when paired with a crisp, cuffed shirt and tailored shorts for a smart casual look. Alternatively, stack it with similar toned bracelets for a more bohemian flair. Its versatility makes it suitable for both day and evening attire.

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